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Most people don’t ship their cars regularly. It’s typically something you do when you’re moving out of state, like when you buy a new home, relocate for work, or go to college.

Shipping your car can be stressful and there is a lot of trust you’re placing in the company and driver that’s moving your car.

To make sure you’re ready to ship your car, here are five things to remember:

  1. Take pictures of your car before it’s loaded on the car carrier – do this as close to the time your car is loaded on the truck.
  2. Make sure to confirm the driver’s contact information – RunBuggyOne will provide the contact information for the transportation company and the driver when your order has been assigned , but you will want to confirm this at pick-up.
  3. Take any valuable personal items out of your car before you ship it – if you need to ship any personal items, make sure they are stored securely in the truck or where someone can’t see them. Most transport companies do not carry insurance for your personal items. Also, please note that you can’t ship more than 100 lbs. of personal items in your car.
  4. Inspect your car thoroughly when it’s delivered – make sure no damage has occurred during shipping. If you do notice any damage, note the damage on the Bill of Lading before you sign it. Contact RunBuggyOne within 24 hours so we can help process a damage claim.
  5. Never pay the driver – all payment is done through RunBuggyOne and is automatically deducted from the payment method you provided when you placed your order. If the driver demands payment, contact us immediately.

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