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Got a quote. Check.

Placed my order. Check.

Driver is on the way. Check.

Now what?

Before the driver loads your car, make sure to do these 4 things:

  1. Make sure you have some gas in the tank – you don’t need much – just enough for them to load and unload your car.
  2. Take your plates off – put your plates in the glove box – you don’t want to get accidentally charged for any tolls. Keep a copy of your registration in the glove box too.
  3. Secure any personal belongings – you generally shouldn’t put any personal items in the car, but if you need to, make sure they’re in the truck or where someone cant see them- and don’t put more than 100 lbs. of stuff or you may need to pay extra.
  4. Take lots of pictures – make sure to throughly document the condition of your car before it goes on the truck – take pictures of of the windshield, exterior and interior. The driver will do this as well, but its always good to have your own records.