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How much does it cost to ship a car?

Car Shipping Costs

The cost to ship a car depends on a number of factors including distance and route the vehicle needs to travel, size and condition of the vehicle, type of car transporter, pick-up and drop-off location, seasonality and when you book your order.

Curious how much it will cost to ship your car?

Key Factors That Drive the Cost to Ship a Car

Distance and Route
The longer the distance your car needs to travel between pick-up and drop-off (ex. cross town vs cross country), as well as route conditions, such as toll roads, adverse weather, road construction or traffic congestion increase the cost to ship a car.

Size and Condition
Longer, taller and heavier vehicles (ex. a lifted jeep) will cost more to ship than a standard car or truck. If a car is inoperable (ex. dead battery) and can’t be moved, then it may take additional equipment and cost more to load the car on the truck.

Type of Transporter
Open car transporters will typically cost less than an enclosed car transporter. People who need to ship an exotic (ex. Ferrari) or a classic car will opt for an enclosed car carrier because it provides better protection from the weather and other road hazards.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Location
People who live in remote rural areas or heavily dense urban areas of the country where it is difficult for a large car carrier to navigate may pay more and wait longer to ship their car as the availability of drivers may be limited.

Picking up a car in the middle of winter in North Dakota may cost more than shipping a car from Arizona. Likewise, if everyone is shipping their cars from New York to Florida in the winter, it may be more difficult and costly to secure a transporter.

It is always advisable to schedule car shipping as far in advance as possible as this will help keep costs down. Last minute requests to ship a car can drive up the cost and limit the chances of finding an available car transporter.