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Moving can be a hectic and stressful endeavor, especially if you are moving across the country. One essential decision to make when moving is whether to drive your car cross-country or ship it. While driving your car may sound like the most economical option, shipping your vehicle may be more beneficial in the long run. Here’s why.  

Time Savings of Shipping Cross-Country 

One of the biggest benefits of shipping your car is that it saves you an immense amount of time. Driving cross-country can be an arduous journey, taking days upon days for you to get from one coast to another. But with vehicle shipping, you don’t have to worry about spending hours upon hours behind the wheel—you can simply sit back, relax, and let someone else do all the work for you! Moreover, if you’re pressed for time and need to move quickly, then having someone else ship your vehicle will free up your schedule so that you can focus on other aspects of your move.  

Avoid Wear & Tear on Your Vehicle when Shipping Cross-Country

Driving your car cross-country puts a lot of wear and tear on it—think oil changes, tire rotations, fuel costs, etc.—not to mention all those extra miles adding up on your odometer. If you opt to have your vehicle shipped rather than driving it yourself, you can avoid encountering any of these issues.
If you transport your vehicle by truck, it will only accumulate a few extra miles on its odometer, compared to the thousands of miles it would accrue if you were to drive it across the country.

Safety & Security   

Shipping companies, like RunBuggyOne, offer customers a secure and safe method to transport their vehicles, protecting them from potential theft or damage caused by road hazards such as potholes or debris on the road.. Professional shippers use specialized equipment designed specifically for transporting vehicles safely from one location to another. Moreover, many companies provide insurance policies that safeguard against any possible damages that may occur during transport. Hence, if any mishap takes place while in transit, the insurance coverage will protect you.                                       

Just RunBuggy It!

The decision between shipping and driving is ultimately up to each individual customer; however, when weighing all options available there are clear advantages that come with choosing professional car shipping services over driving yourself cross-country. Not only will shipping save time but also eliminate wear and tear on your vehicle while providing peace of mind knowing that it will arrive safe and sound at its final destination! If you’re considering moving cross-country with a vehicle shipment service – consider looking into RunBuggyOne’s services today! 

Ship your vehicle with confidence using RunBuggyOne and make your move stress-free. Get your FREE instant quote today!